Aaron Aldum, Sr.




c. 1760 (c. 1756?) at ___, Bristol (or Yorkshire?), England; or Isle of Man?








Isaac Aldum, Samuel Aldum, Aaron Aldum, Jr., Jabez Aldum, possibly daughters


Aaron Aldum (Sr.) was born in about 1756 or 1760 in Bristol, England -- or Isle of Man according to another source. The names of his parents and of wife are unknown. His date of death is unknown. Apparently he moved to Salisbury and so may have died there.



(1) Birth, as 1760: Family Group Record, FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19 reference AFN:T69R-9W.

(2) Birth, as 1756: Family Group Records Collection, held at Stoneybrook Family History Center, Maryland. Copied by Peter G. Moll, 11/29/2000. In turn from Reuben Aldum's family records

(3) Place of birth (as Isle of Man), move to Salisbury: "The Families of the Salem Settlers", in A.E. Makin's notes, Vol. 1, from Cory Library, obtained through Mr. William Jervois



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