Jabez Aldum




October 3, 1822, at Salem, Cape Province


August 25, 1846, at ?, in WS (?)




Aaron Aldum Jr., Edith Ida Blake

Jane Aldum, Aaron James Aldum, William Donald Aldum, Ruth Aldum, Samuel Aldum, Sarah Rebecca Aldum, James Aldum, Joseph Aldum, Lydia Aldum, Lydia Ann Aldum



There must be an error because Joseph Aldum was born in March and Jabez in October of the same year.

His death was violent -- see further materials among those provided by Mr. W. Jervois.



(1) Date of birth, place of birth, parents, siblings: FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19, reference (AFN:T69Q-J0).

(2) Date of birth, date of death, city of death (as WS -- what does this stand for?): "The Families of the Salem Settlers", in A.E. Makin's notes, Vol. 1, from Cory Library, obtained through Mr. William Jervois.

(3) There is no death record in NAAIRS.



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