Lydia Ann Aldum, later Webb




May 20, 1850, Grahamstown. Baptized at the Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel, Grahamstown, March 20, 1855

James Webb, at the Commemoration Methodist Church in Grahamstown, May 20, 1870

May 22, 1929, at the Addington Hospital, Durban, South Africa




Aaron Aldum, Elizabeth Aldum née ___

Jane Aldum, Aaron James Aldum, William Donald Aldum, Ruth Aldum, Samuel Aldum, Joseph Aldum, Sarah Rebecca Aldum, James Aldum, Lydia Aldum, Jabez Aldum, possibly others.

Lydia Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Joseph Webb, Reuben Webb, Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, Thomas Benjamin Webb, Florence Mabel Webb, Emma Winifred Webb, Arthur George Webb

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Baptism register of Lydia Ann Webb

Lydia Ann Aldum was born on May 20, 1850 in Grahamstown to Aaron and Elizabeth Aldum. She was baptized on March 20, 1855 in the Wesleyan-Methodist Chapel in Grahamstown in the Division of Albany, Cape of Good Hope. The Minister was Geo. H. Green. It is not clear why they waited until the age of 5 for baptism -- perhaps the family had been living elsewhere.

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Lydia Ann Webb, in the 1920s

Location of the scene: unknown. Can anyone advise?

Lydia Ann Aldum married James Webb in Grahamstown in 1870. As a layperson, she worked indefatigably for the Methodist Church, of which her husband was an ordained minister. Occasionally she preached. After a long illness, she died in Durban, at the Addington Hospital in 1929, aged 79. Cause of death: Broncho pneumonia, cardiac failure.

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Death Notice of Lydia Ann Webb, 1929

Obtained from the authorities by Mr. Grant Nurden of Pietermaritzburg.

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Death Register Entry No. 720, Durban, for Lydia Ann Webb, 1929

Transcription by Mr. Grant Nurden of Pietermaritzburg

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Obituary of Lydia Ann Webb, 1929

It is unknown which newspaper this obituary was published in. Can anyone advise?



(1) Date of birth: Baptism Register.

(2) Place of birth: Death Notice.

(2) Death: Annie Elizabeth Baillie née Grieve's family scrapbook, which mentions the date. Confirmed by the death notice and the entry in the death register.

(3) Place of marriage: Mr. William Jervois, Resident Genealogist, Albany Museum, Grahamstown.

(4) IGI refers to an Aaron Aldum. See It also refers to a son of Aaron Aldum, Aaron James Aldum. Sources: 1848 child of Aaron James Aldum: Film 962434, Page 1252, Reference 26290. 1853 child of Aaron James Aldum: Film 458803. See also, for richer information, the Family Group Records Collection at Stonybrook Family History Center, Maryland, USA, which has an Aaron Aldum family tree.

(5) Citation from NAAIRS: DEPOT Albany Museum (1820) TYPE Photo REFERENCE SMP12 DESCRIPTION Aldum, Lydia Ann, 1850 - 1929 05 22; daughter of Aaron Aldum; wife of Arthur Webb; mother of donor. Studio; full-length; full face (standing, both hands on books on pedestal). STARTING 0000 ENDING 0000 REMARKS Donor: Miss EW Webb, 1967. Photographer: Hepburn, Grahamstown, 1860-1900. 8,9 x 5,8 cm.; mounted; cartes-de-visite; (AM4727).



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