Sarah Rebecca Aldum




September 15, 1825, or January 18, 1827. Salem, Cape Province.

To James Pike, farmer, on April 3, 1845, at Clumber.





Aaron Aldum Jr., Edith Ida Blake

Jane Aldum, Aaron James Aldum, William Donald Aldum, Ruth Aldum, Samuel Aldum, Joseph Aldum, James Aldum, Lydia Aldum, Lydia Ann Aldum



Note the "other" Sarah Aldum, born in Grahamstown about 1824. Probably the same person.

It may be that Sarah Rebecca Aldum remarried, to one Hastings; but no evidence has yet been found. (See references to email from L. MacLeod below.)



(1) Date of birth (as September 15, 1845): Family Group Records Collection (microfiche), held at Stoneybrook Family History Center (FHC), Maryland. Copied by Peter G. Moll, 11/29/2000. In turn from Reuben Aldum's family records. Note that these records are almost illegible. The originals could probably be obtained from the Mowbray, Cape Town FHC.

(2) Date of birth (as September 15, 1845), place of birth, spouse, date of marriage: "The Families of the Salem Settlers", in A.E. Makin's notes, Vol. 1, from Cory Library, obtained through Mr. William Jervois

(3) There is no death record or any citation whatsoever in NAAIRS.

(4) Date of birth (as January 18, 1827): from Lynn MacLeod, email, February 13, 2006. In turn from: entry #220, Methodist Church, Salem circuit. The church transcript was made by Ellen Stanton, on the SA Immigrants listing -- see (see email from Lynn MacLeod, Feb. 23, 2006).

(5) Date of marriage: from Lynn MacLeod, email, Feb. 13, 2006. Full entry: "Entry #12. Husband: James PIKE, Full, Farmer, Clumber. Wife: Sarah ALDUM, Full. Date: 3/4/1845. Witnesses: Mary PIKE, Thomas PEEL." (Where this is from was not stated in the email message. May be from Methodist Church records.) Another source, also from the email: "Lower Albany Chronicles: 3/4/1845: Mary Pike and Thomas Peel were witnesses at the marriage at Clumber by the Rev. John Ayliff, of James Pike, nephew of the late William Pike and Sarah, daughter of Aaron Aldum. James Pike was farming at Clumber."



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