Jane Anderson, 1833-1891




1836 or 1837 or March 19, 1833


September quarter of 1891




Father: William Anderson, c. 1801 - before 1954, tailor, post runner, Edr. Mother: Jean Young (?-?)

William, Aug. 16, 1818-?; John, May 26, 1822-?; James, June 13, 1824-?; Christian, Sept. 17, 1826-?; Elizabeth, Jan. 21, 1829 - ?. m



Jane Anderson, 1833-1891

The evidence is shaky. The 1881 census has Jane/Jean at 44 (so DOB = 1837), the 1851 census has Jean at 5 (so DOB = 1836), the official death record (footnote 339) had her at 55 at death in 1891 (so DOB = 1936). But this Anderson family has the birth of a "Jean Anderson" as March 19, 1833. Is this the same family? Probably: the names Jean and Jane were interchangeable; the name Jane Young for her daughter may to refer to her mother's name Jean Young; and the marriage record (Sept. 22, 1854) says she is the youngest daughter of William Anderson. Many thanks to Peter Gundry for finding the marriage certificate for me -- see his email of Jan. 13, 2003.

Date of death: From FreeBMD Indexes. See email from Peter Gundry to Peter G. Moll, March 30, 2002. Some corroboration comes from a letter from Henry Fuge Grieve to John Baillie, dated August 19, 1891, with the news that John's mother was "depressed, with the fear that she would not regain her strength".



(1) Most of the information on the Anderson clan is from Dr. J.A. Robertson, genealogist, Scotland.



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