Agnes Baillie, later Anderson





August 23, 1850, to James Anderson









Agnes Baillie

Marriage register:

Extract of entries in an OLD PAROCHIAL REGISTER. Registration of births, deaths and marriages (Scotland) Act, 1965, s. 47 #67716. Parish of St. Cuthbert's. County of Midlothian (Edinburgh).
Register of Proclamations for 1850
Anderson and Baillie. James Officer of Customs Leith, Residing in No. 173 Fountainbridge and Agnes Baillie residing in No. 2 Hamilton Place Stockbridge, both in this Parish Eldest daughter of John Baillie Jointer there have been three have been three [sic] several times dulu and regularly proclaimed in the Parish Church oif St Cuthberts in order to Marriage and no objections offered.
Married on the twenty third August Eighteen hundred and fifty by the Revd Robert Dick Duncan Minister of the U.P.C. in Bread Street.
The above particulars are extracted from a Register of Proclamations of Banns and Marriages dated 23 August 1850. Given under the Seal of the General Register Office, New Register House, Edinburgh on 8 January 2005.

Note that this information is consistent with the Census information on the family -- see the page for John Baillie, her father.






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