John Baillie of Old Calabar




On ___, 1834, at ___


On ___ 1864 at ___. Buried at the Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh





Zerub Baillie, Andrew Baillie, one sister



John Baillie of Old Calabar

Birth: 1834. Marital status: unknown. Death: 1864, in England or Scotland.

Presumably Rev. John Baillie, like his brother Zerub, had been trained as a minister in the United Church of Scotland or its predecessors, and lived in Edinburgh.

Rev. John Baillie joined his brother Zerub Baillie at the Old Calabar (Nigeria) mission of the United Church of Scotland in 1861. At the time Zerub was at Ikorofiong, about 20 miles north-west of Duke Town, on the western side of the Cross River, and about 10 miles north of Ikonetu. He helped Zerub to build out-stations. In 1864 John "fell ill and went home to die in his thirtieth year" (McFarlan, 1946, p. 68).

It is likely that Rev. John Baillie was an uncle of John Baillie, the pioneer SAGM missionary in Swaziland. The exact genealogical roots have not yet been traced. But Kathleen Mary Jemison (née Baillie) mentions in her biography of John and Annie Baillie that John Baillie had two uncles who had died as missionaries in West Africa. These presumably are the brothers Zerub and John.

There is one twist, however. Livingstone (___) mentions that when Mary Slessor arrived in Old Calabar in 1876, she was helped by the "native agent" John Baillie. It is not clear whether this John Baillie is a relative of the Revs. Zerub and John Baillie who died in 1865 and 1864 respectively. The passage is repeated here: ____


The gravestone of John Baillie

The Grange Cemetery, Edinburgh



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