William Anderson Baillie




June 23, 1857, at 39 South Bridge, in the Edinburgh parish, Midlothian, Scotland






Zerub Baillie, Jane Baillie née Anderson

John Baillie, Zerub Baillie Jr. (1), Jane Young Baillie, Robert Anderson Baillie, Alexander Baillie, Zerub Baillie Jr (2), Walter Baillie, George Baillie, Agnes Baillie




William Anderson Baillie.

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Birth record of John Baillie.

TRANSCRIPT: Born 23.6.1857 at 39 South Bridge Street, Edinburgh.  Father: Zerub Baillie, cabinet maker.  Mother: Jane Baillie MS Anderson.  Informant of birth: the father, Zerub Baillie, present.  Ref: B-1857-685/4-475 Edinburgh/St Giles MLN.

“MS” means “maiden surname”, “MLN” means Midlothian.



(1) Note that the 1881 British Census has no mention of William Anderson Baillie. Presumably he had left home by that time.

(2) Date of birth: The International Genealogical Index of the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, in Mowbray, Cape Town. See electronic version. Also 6035516 REGISTER.

(3) Place of birth: File “Baillie_William_Anderson_b_1857_from_JA_Robertson.doc”, sent to me by Dr. J.A. Robertson, a genealogical researcher in Edinburgh, October 7, 2002.





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