Kathryn Frances Coxon




 April 23, 1996, at ___ in Johannesburg, South Africa





Walter ___ Coxon, Brenda Elizabeth Coxon née Moll

David ___ Coxon


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Kathryn Coxon in her blue sand tub, early 1997

At the house in Fourways.

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Kathryn Coxon held by Beryl and Ted Moll, at the latter's house, early 1997

Beryl and Ted Moll were then living at #59, Village of Golden Harvest, P.O. Box 1282, Randburg, 2125, South Africa, a few miles from Brenda and Walter Coxon.

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Kathryn Coxon and Ted Moll, at Joe's Rest, 1997

In the main living room of the holiday house at Thompson's Point near Kentani.

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Kathryn Coxon with Brenda and Walter, Kobonqaba river, 1997

The Kobonqaba River is about two miles north-east of Thompson's Point where Joe's Rest was located.

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Kathryn Coxon playing with tupperware, 1997

Her favorite game was yanking all the tupperware off the shelves. At the house at #3 Parkland, 77 Leslie Road, Fourways, Johannesburg.

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Kathryn Coxon on her father's shoulders, 1997

Dressed for church.

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Kathryn Coxon and Brenda, swimming, October 1998

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Kathryn Coxon with her birthday cake, April 23, 1999

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Kathryn Coxon and friends beholding the birthday cake, 1999

Brenda is on the left. David is in the front on the right, facing away.

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Kathryn and David Coxon and friends drawing and painting, 1999

Also on Kathryn's birthday. Kathryn is furthest away, in black. David is on the right. A typical scene. Brenda arranges tables, paper, crayons and paint for them in a flash. At this age, David's concentration wavers after fifteen minutes but Kathryn can keep going for an hour.






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