Eleanor Eales (later Aldum)




August 14, 1824, at Somerset East

Samuel Aldum, on ? at ?

Feb. 26, 1893, at Cyferfontein, Groot Marico




William Eales, Rachel Moore (b. 1798, England, d. 21 June 1875)


Ellen Rachel Aldum, Adelaide Fowler Aldum, Reuben Jabez Aldum, Jane Margaret Aldum, Mary Ann Aldum, Lydia Moore Aldum





(1) Husband's name: FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19, reference (AFN:T69Q-J0).

(2) Husband's name: Family Group Records Collection (microfiche), held at Stoneybrook Family History Center (FHC), Maryland. Copied by Peter G. Moll, 11/29/2000. In turn from Reuben Aldum's family records. Note that these records are almost illegible. The originals could probably be obtained from the Mowbray, Cape Town FHC.

(3) Date of birth, place of birth, approximate year of death, parents' names: LDS Film # 0177937, which is Baptisms for the dead, Logan Temple. Page # 746, entries 28581-28592, baptisms on Tuesday, August 12, 1941

(4) Date of death, place of death, children's names, children's spouses' names, father's name (as Robert G. Eales), mother's name (as Ellen Rachel): death record (TAB MHG 0 O/8129 ALDUM, ELEANOR (BORN EALES). 1893 1893)



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