Emma Fudge, later Grieve





Robert Grieve Jr. (2), on ___ at ___

Between 1901 and 1913






Jane Grieve, Samuel W. Grieve, Henry F. Grieve, Fanny C. Grieve, Annie Elizabeth Grieve

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(1891 Census return for Grieve household, 299 KB)

Birth: c. 1819, to judge by the entries in the 1881 and 1891 censuses; in Weymouth, Dorsetshire according to the 1891 census.

Emma Grieve Sr. is recorded by the census of 1891 as being a "widow", and "living on her own means".

The 1891 Census return lists the household as consisting of Emma Grieve (Sr.) as the head, with daughter Emma Grieve (49), a school mistress, son Henry F. Grieve (40), a commercial clerk, daughter Fanny C. Grieve (35), a school mistress and Mary Ann Eliott (14), a "house maid dom."



(1) Approximate year of birth, and occupation: The 1881 British Census, in CD form, provided by the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS) in Mowbray, Cape Town; and the 1891 British Census, in microfiche form, held by the Family History Library of the LDS on Stonybrooke Drive, Kensington, Maryland.

(2) No mention in IGI.

(3) Date of birth: Peter Gundry of Zimbabwe kindly furnished the information on the family background of the Fudge line.

(4) Approximate year of death: Emma Grieve appears in the 1901 census (P. Gundry, Nov. 5, 2002). She had died by May 1913 (B.C. Box #06 1917-1922 / B.C. Corresp. Jan.-June 1918 / Index p. 443, Letter of J. Baillie, Jan. 4, 1918).



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