Jane Grieve




March 19, 1826, at ___


April 18, 1889 (the day before Good Friday)




Robert Grieve Jr., Jane Grieve née Parkin

(all half-siblings:) Emma Grieve, Samuel W. Grieve, Henry F. Grieve, Fanny C. Grieve



According to the 1881 census, her birth was about 1826. Her name is mentioned in letters from Henry Grieve to John Baillie of Swaziland. She died between April and June 1889, according to English civil registration records. Henry Grieve mentioned that her death was "the day before Good Friday".



(1) Birth: 1881 Census which indicates the birth was about 1826.

(2) Birth: See FamilySearch for brief IGI information and references to P002801 1813-1861 0091116 Film NONE.

(3) Death: on "Thursday before Good Friday" -= Henry F. Grieve, letter to John Baillie, May 21, 1889. Good Friday in 1889 fell on April 19. This corroborates the mention of Jane Grieve in the English civil registration records.

(4) Death: "Civil Registration - Deaths - 1876" (England and Wales). In microfiche form at the Family History Library of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints (LDS), Mowbray, Cape Town. Folio iv a., page 313. (The folio might be "10a" -- poor legibility.) The age is illegible but could be 65. (I was expecting 67.) The names are in alphabetical order.



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