Dorothea Luise Heydtke, later Ristow, later Moll




December 19, 1822 at Collin (near Starjard), Pomerania

To Michel Ristow, on December 7, 1843, at Collin.

(bis) Franciscus Xaverius Moll, on December 1, 1858, at his private dwelling at Braunschweig, in the Parish of Stutterheim, District of British Kaffraria

On March 8, 1900, at Breidbach




Gottfried Heydtke, Dorothea Regina Schroeder

Christian Friedrich Heydtke, Dorothea Sophie Heydtke

Friedrich Wilhelm Ristow, August Ferdinand Ristow, Friedrich Eduard Ristow, Anna Maria Louisa Moll, Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll, Franz Xaver Moll


Dorothea Luise Heydtke arrived in South Africa aboard the Caesar Godeffroy on July 7, 1858. Her husband, Michel Ristow, died "soon after arrival" in South Africa. She married Xaver Moll later that year and had three more children. She was a member of the Frankfort Baptist Church, and was baptized in the Yellowwood River on July 19, 1863. After Xaver's death in 1889 she lived with her eldest daughter, Anna Maria Louisa Schultz, in Breidbach, until her death in 1900.


 Marriage notice of Xaver Moll and Dorothea Luise Ristow née Heydtke

See the transcription and comments here.

Note that the spelling of Dorothea Luisa's second name is here "Luise" on two occasions. Also, the spelling of her surname is "Heydtke", where the "dt" appears like a "d" with the cross of a "t". This is our earliest witness to the spelling of her name, hence its use here. A later spelling, from her husband's death notice, is "Dorothea Louisa Heidtke".

Source: King William's Town museum, in turn obtained by Ms. Walma Meier in 1997.


Gravestone of Dorothea Luise Moll, previously Ristow, née Heydtke

Presumably at Breidbach.



(1) Date of death, place of death: death notice.

(2) 2nd marriage date and details: Marriage notice. Obtained by Ms. Walma Meier from the museum in King William's Town, for Lorraine Burger, in 1997.

(3) Daughter Ernestine Wilhelmine: information from Ms. Walma Meier of Kingwilliamstown, who informed Lorraine Burger. Information in turn from church records.

(4) Place of birth, marriage to Michel Ristow, names of 3 sons by him, dates of birth of 3 sons: Page 110 of E.L.G. Schnell, ___ (Stutterheim book?)

(5) Date of birth: Stutterheim book? (I have handwritten records from Lorraine Burger.)

(6) Date and place of baptism: handwritten notes of Lorraine Burger, in turn from church records at Bethany Emmanuel Baptist Church, in King William's Town.

(7) Date of first marriage (Ristow): church records, via Larry Eucher, see under Christophe Heidtke.



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