Auguste Lindemann (later Moll)




August 12, 1863, at ___ (no birthplace mentioned in the death notice)

Franz Xaver Moll, on April 21, 1886, at ___

March 4, 1939, at ___




Wilhelm Lindemann, Henriette Schützler

Carl Lindemann, Wilhelmine Lindemann, August Lindemann, Wilhelm Lindemann, Ferdinand Lindemann

Eduard Moll, Wilhelm Moll, Friedrich Moll, Gustav Moll


Gravestone of Auguste Lindemann. Volunteers, anyone?

Auguste Moll's will (Kei Road, 9 September 1936) left:

to Wilhelm Moll: Lots 4 and 9, Block K.K., each measuring 32 square poles, or 56 square roods 100 square feet, in Gleeson's Town, in the division of King William's Town, and 175 pounds;

to Eduard Moll: Lots 4 and 5, Block D., Gleeson's Town, Kei Road; 208 square roods 92 square feet; and 325 pounds;

to Friedrich Moll: Lot T., at Kei Road, being a portion of Farm 293 and measuring 15 morgen 129 square roods, on the condition that he should pay into her estate the sum of 200 pounds.

Wilhelm and Friedrich were the Executors.

Liquidation and Distribution Account: No. 63427: After valuation of the land, and payment of Friedrich's bequest price, the final distribution was

s d

Wilhelm 295 19 5

Friedrich 320 9 5

Eduard 384 3 4

Succession duty 20 8 3

Total 1021 0 5

"Mutta" as she was affectionately known, spoke hardly any English. She used to use one of her granddaughters as a translator.



(1) Dates of birth and death: T.A. Moll's memoirs.

(2) Personal details: interview with Gertrude Carruthers née Moll, at Liliesleaf, 8 Winston Road, Rivonia, Johannesburg, February 21, 2001.


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