Edna Doris Moll




January 5, 1925, at her parents' house in Kentani


December 23, 1945, at her parents' house in Kentani




Eduard Moll, Rosa Hulda Raasch

Joseph Moll, Theodor Arthur Moll


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Edna and Lyda Moll in about 1939.

Lydia is seated on the right. The image is indistinct because the original is only 1" in height.


Edna Moll and Lydia Moll in about 1939.

Edna standing on the observer's left, Lydia seated on the right. This image is better as the original is about 2" x 3".

Source: The original is in the possession of Lorraine Burger.


Edna Moll's death notice

We intend to obtain a copy of her death record from the Master of the Supreme Court in Cape Town.


Edna Moll's gravestone

The epitaphs are not legible. The name "MOLL" can be distinguished in the second straight line in the gravestone in the rear. The first name preceding this surname is obviously short, hence it is probably Edna's. Thus the front grave is that of Edna's parents, Eduard and Rosa Moll.

Source: The photograph is in the possession of Lorraine Burger. It is not known who took it.



(1) Birth and death dates: Theodor Arthur Moll's autobiograph My Memoirs (1996).

(2) I do not yet have the death record: KAB MOOC 6/9/12614 201/46 MOLL, EDNA DORIS. ESTATE PAPERS. 1946.




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