Eduard Moll




Oct. 2, 1887 at his parents' house in Frankfort

Rosa Hulda Raasch, on ___ 1910 at ___

(bis) Ida McMillan, née Promnitz, at ___ on ___ 1949

July 26, 1958, at the Frere Hospital, East London, while residing in Amalinda. Burial: Kentani cemetery.




Franz Xaver Moll and Auguste Lindemann

Wilhelm Moll, Friedrich Moll, Gustav Moll 

Joseph Moll, Lydia Violet Moll, Theodor Arthur Moll, Edna Doris Moll

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Eduard and Rosa Moll and family

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Eduard Moll, Rosa Moll, and children Joe, Lydia and Theodor in December 1922.

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The Moll family home in Kentani

Transkei, South Africa, in about 1930. The shop is on the left. The identity of the two men is unknown.


The "three musketeers"

From left to right: Wilhelm Moll, Friedrich Moll and Eduard Moll.

The location is unknown.

Source: Lorraine Burger has a photocopy of the photograph. We are seeking to find a copy of the original.



(1) Marriage date: T.A. Moll, 1997. My Memoirs. Gaithersburg, MD: Signature Book Printing. Page 3.

(2) I do not yet have the death record: KAB MOG 1/1/134 1503/58 MOLL, EDWARD. ESTATE PAPERS. 1958.


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