Franz Xaver Moll




November 17, 1863, at Wiesbaden, Div. King William's Town. (Wiesbaden is now part of Frankfort.)

Auguste Lindemann, on April 21, 1886, at ___

April 27, 1915, at his own residence in Kei Road. Burial: Frankfort cemetery.




Franciscus Xaverius Moll and Dorothea Louisa Ristow née Heidtke

Anna Maria Louisa Moll, Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll 

Eduard Moll, Wilhelm Moll, Friedrich Moll, Gustav Moll

Franz Xaver Moll and Auguste


Franz Xaver Moll and Auguste (née Lindemann, nicknamed "Mutta"), 1910

The photograph used to reside in the Moll home in Kei Road.

Source: A copy was kindly provided by Gillian Slade of Kitchener, Canada.


Gravestone of Franz Xaver Moll

Frankfort Baptist cemetery. Photograph taken by Lorraine Burger.

Transcription: "Hier Ruht in Gott / XAVER MOLL, JUNR / GEB. DEN 17. NOV. 1863 / GEST. DEN 27. APL. 1915. / SELIG ... TOTEN DIE / ... STERBEN / ... DU JETZT ... / HIERNACH ERF... / ..H 13.2 .../


Death notice of Franz Xaver Moll

We presently have only a transcription made by Peter Moll in 1991.


According to Rene Moll (wife of Friedrich ("Fred") Moll), Xavier had been "brought up by Ristows". This is additional evidence that indeed his father Xaver had married Dorothea Luise Ristow née Heidtke.

Xaver had a tender nature and was quiet-spoken, in contrast with his wife Auguste who was firm.

The German settlement was at Dwarana (where "r" is pronounced as "ch" in "loch") near Frankfort. The Moll and Raasch plots were alongside. Hence the marriage of two of the Moll boys with two of the Raasch girls.

Shortly before Xaver's death, the family moved to Kei Road where Xaver started a shop. The shop was later taken over by his son Willie.



(1) Birth date: Death notice gives only date of death and age in months. Birth date from ___ (possibly Baptist church records?)

(2) Birthplace: Given as "Wiesbaden, Div. King William's Town" in the Death Notice.

(2) Marriage: Records of the Frankfort Baptist Church, held at Bethany Emmanuel Baptist Church in Kingwilliamstown.

(3) Place of death, and date: Death notice, of which Peter G. Moll did a transcription in 1991.


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