Wilhelm Moll




Nov. 8, 1890, at his parents' house in Frankfort, Eastern Cape

To Lydia Martha Raasch, on March 31, 1915, at the Frankfort Baptist Church, Eastern Cape

September 4, 1966, at his house in Kei Road, Eastern Cape




Franz Xaver Moll, Auguste Lindemann

Eduard Moll, Friedrich Moll, Gustav Moll

Gertrude Moll, Irene Moll, Evelyn Moll, Julie Moll, Ronald Xavier Moll


Wilhelm Moll at the Ristow waggon works

Wilhelm Moll is alone in the back row. (For the other names, see here.)

His first job was painting waggons at Ristow's waggon works in Kei Road. The pay was sixpence per day. He used to walk the four mile distance from the German settlement at Dwarana ("r" as "ch" in "loch") to Kei Road.


Wilhelm Moll's formal education went to Standard 4.

He compensated for his scanty formal schooling by taking an English correspondence course and by learning bookkeeping.

He took over his father's general dealership in Kei Road, extending it to a butchery and a bakery. He chaired the village management board of Kei Road for several years.

His first car was a Ford. His children recall that he usually wore a white coat when he drove. Before he acquired the car, the family used a cart. One of his daughters recalls travelling the six miles to church in a two-horse cart from Kei Road to Frankfort.

Wilhelm Moll was an active member of the Frankfort Baptist Church. He occupied the positions of Sunday School superintendent and deacon. The minister used to come to the church only once a month, and so he frequently officiated. He did not preach as such, but read Charles Haddon Spurgeon's sermons and the sermons of German ministers. Until 1961 all church services were conducted in German, and the children were given lessons in German as late as the 1950s.

Wilhelm used to insist on having "Andacht" (prayers) every morning, at 8 a.m., before breakfast. Everyone had to be there. Family prayers were also conducted at night.

Wilhelm Moll's belief, frequently stated, was "First God, then family, then church".

He was tender and affectionate, giving great bear hugs to his grandchildren. He had light blue eyes. One grandchild remembers his eyes filling with tears at emotional moments.


Death notice of Wilhelm Moll


Gravestone of Wilhelm Moll

Frankfort Baptist cemetery. Alongside that of his wife, Lydia Martha Moll. Note the mixture of German and English!

Transcription: "Hier Ruht in Gott / UNSER LIEBER VATER / WILHELM MOLL, / GEB. 8 NOV. 1890, / GEST. 4 SEP. 1966 / "BE THOU FAITHFUL UNTO DEATH / AND I WILL GIVE THEE A / CROWN OF LIFE" / REV. 2.10"

Source: Photograph taken by Lorraine Burger, in the early 1990s.



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