James Pike




September 15, 1822, in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire

(See entry for Sarah Rebecca Aldum)

April 11, 1846, in the Frontier War of 1846-1847. Cenotaph engraved with the SA War Graves Board.




Parents unknown. Was a nephew of the 1820 settler William Pike.




The Lower Albany Chronicles (produced by E. Morse-Jones) reported: that on April 11, 1845, James Pike moved to Collingham.

He arrived in South Africa in 1843.



(1) There is no death record in NAAIRS. But some of the following might be related:

(KAB? VAB?) MOOC 6/9/103 221 PIKE, JAMES HENRY. DEATH NOTICE. 1863 1863

KAB MOOC 6/9/362 818 PIKE, JAMES. DEATH NOTICE. 1897 1897 (The same person as the next.)

DEPOT Genealogical Society of SA DESCRIPTION Pike, J - Gravestone. STARTING 0000 ENDING 18970322 REMARKS Old Grahamstown Cemetery, Grahamstown, Western Cape. SUMMARY +James Pike. Died 22-03-1897. Aged 55 years. (Son of William Pike and Sophia Usher - Source: P Holden).

(2) Birth date, place of birth, date of death, circumstances of death, relationship to William Pike: email from Lynn MacLeod, Feb. 13, 2006, in turn from SA War Graves Board. The full quote:

"James Pike was a nephew of William Pike the 1820 Settler. He arrived in SA in 1843 and was killed in the Frontier War 11/4/1846. He was born 15/9/1822 in Keyworth, Nottinghamshire, England. Cenotaph Engraved with S.A. War Graves Board. In proud remembrance of Settlers called to service of their country and who lost their lives in the Frontier Wars 1834-1835, 1846-1847, 1850-1853. Botha's Hill: Pike, James, 11/4/1846"

(3) Information from the Lower Albany Chronicles: from Lynn MacLeod, email, Feb. 23, 2006.

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