August Carl Raasch




May 11, 1855, at Damrow (Dohmrow? Dohnow? Dohnirow?), Stargard (Stargat? Stargut?), Germany

 Maria Ottiki Berndt, on ___ at ___

March 28, 1910 (Lorraine's observation), May 28, 1910 (death notice, W. Jervois), at his house in Frankfurt




Wilhelm Raasch, Louisa Raasch née Rudeker

Franz Otto Raasch

Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch, Helena Hulda Emilie Raasch, Rosa Hulda Raasch, Lydia Martha Raasch, Ella Paulina Raasch, Carl Wilhelm Raasch

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August Carl Raasch was a child when his family migrated to South Africa from Germany. August Carl Raasch was a farmer according to his death no

August and Maria Raasch

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August and Maria Raasch, parents of Rosa Hulda Raasch. The photograph was kindly provided by Gillian Slade of Kitchener, Canada. Can anyone help get further information?


Death notice of August Carl Raasch

Presently we have only a transcription.


Gravestone of August Carl Raasch

Frankfort Baptist cemetery. The epitaph includes the words: "ZU ALT. DAMROW BEI STARGARD".



(1) Death certificate of August Carl Raasch. Transcription in possession of Peter G. Moll.

(2) Dates of birth and death: Observation by Lorraine Burger at the Frankfort cemetery.

(3) Dates of birth and death: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992.


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