Franz Otto Raasch




On December 8, 1851. On December 6, 1851, at Sapow, according to Larin and Oscar van Riemensdijk.

Marie Burmeister, at Bethel Chapel in Frankfurt, on March 19, 1879.

On September 16, 1936, at Frankfort




Wilhelm August Raasch, Louise Rudeker (later Raasch)

 August Carl Raasch

Louise Raasch, August Raasch, Anna Raasch, Hermann August Raasch, Wilhelmine Raasch, Eduard Raasch


Franz Otto Raasch presumably came from Germany as a child. Occupation: farmer, according to his wife's death notice.

He was baptized on May 14, 1871.


Gravestone of Franz Otto Raasch

At the Frankfort Baptist cemetery.



(1) Dates of birth (as Dec. 8, 1851) and death: Observation by Lorraine Burger at the Frankfort cemetery, 1991.

(2) Marriage, children: From the death notice of Marie Burmeister (later Raasch).

(3) Note that Franz Otto Raasch signed his wife's death notice upon her death in 1917.

(4) Date of birth (as Dec. 6, 1851), date of death, place of burial: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992.

(5) In December 2005 I requested the death certificate: KAB MOOC 6/9/4827 51963 RAASCH, FRANZ OTTO. ESTATE PAPERS. 1936.

(6) Date of baptism: via Larin and Oscar van Riemensdijk, email, Jan. 2, 2004.


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