Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch




March 26, 1880, at ___


T.A. Moll remembers her to have died in the 1960s.




August Carl Raasch, Maria Ottiki Raasch, née Berndt

Helene Hulda Maria Raasch, Rosa Hulda Raasch, Lydia Martha Raasch, Ella Paulina Raasch, Carl Wilhelm Raasch

Doreen Ella Lindemann

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Note: the name is recorded as "Emiige Maria Raasch" in the printout of gravestone data by William Jervois. The name "Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch" is from the death notice of her mother, Maria Ottiki Raasch née Berndt.


Note that there were several "young" deaths of women in this lineage: Helena Hulda Maria Raasch (32 years), Rosa Hulda Moll née Raasch (57 years), her niece Edna Doris Moll (20 years). The latter two appear to have had cancers


Death notice of Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch


Gravestone of Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch

Frankfort Baptist cemetery.



(1) Date of birth, date of death: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992.

(2) In December 2005 I requested the following death certificate: KAB MOG 1/1/576 303/61 LINDEMAN, HULDA MARIA EMILIE. NEE RAASCH. ESTATE PAPERS. 1961. I am not sure who this is. Are there 2 persons or just one? I have records from W. Jervois of gravestones indicating a Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch, March 26, 1880 - Nov. 26, 1906. Cited on gravestone as Emiige Maria Raasch. Married Lindemann, according to Larin and Oscar van Riemsdijk.

(3) Husband's name, daughter's name, son-in-law's name, grandchildren's names: Mr. Theodor Arthur Moll's recollections, in a note by him The Raasch family, March 2003.


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