August Ferdinand Ristow




June 23, 1846, at Collin, Pommerania


At his own house, 38 Henry Street, KWT, on Feb. 28, 1921 [sic]




Michel Ristow [sic], Dorothea Louise Ristow born Hädke [sic]

Friedrich Wilhelm Ristow, Friedrich Eduard Ristow



August Ferdinand Ristow was a general dealer, according to his death record. In his estate he left some 5000 pounds "to the survivor of us".


Death notice of August Ferdinand Ristow


Gravestone of August Ferdinand Ristow



(1) Parents' names: Handwritten notes of Lorraine Burger, in turn from the death notice.

(2) Date of birth: Lorraine Burger's notes from E.L.G. Schnell (Stutterheim book?)

(3) Date of death, wife's name, occupation, spelling of his mother's surname, spelling of his father's first name, children's names and children's spouses names: Death record, of which Peter G. Moll has a transcript.

(4) There is no mention of this name in the list compiled by William Jervois for Lorraine Burger, March 4, 1992.



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