Michael Ristow




About 1816, at ___

To Dorothea Luisa Heydtke, on ___, at ___.

On ___, 1858, at ___






Friedrich Wilhelm Ristow, August Ferdinand Ristow, Friedrich Eduard Ristow


Michel Ristow and his family arrived in South Africa aboard the Caesar Godeffroy on July 7, 1858. He was allotted land in Braunschweig (according to the German-language book about the German settlers). He died "soon after arrival".

Note that the spelling used in the German-language book about the German settlers (possible Schwär & Pape) is "Michael Ristow".


Marriage notice of Michel Ristow and Dorothea Luise Ristow née Heydtke


Gravestone of Michel Ristow

Lorraine Burger searched for a grave at Braunschweig but did not succeed in locating one.



(1) Year of birth: inference from the brief note from a book on German immigration (possibly Schwär and Pape), which states: "Ristow, Michael, 42, peasant, Dorothea, 37, Collin, Pommerania, three [children], Braunschweig."

(2) Immigration details, names of children, dates of birth of children, year of death, name of wife: Lorraine Burger's notes from E.L.G. Schnell (Stutterheim book?)

(3) There is no death record or any citation in NAAIRS (as of December 2005).



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