Maria Shingles, later Webb




On ___, 1777 (baptised March 29, 1777 at St. Cuthbert’s, Thetford, Norfolk), at Thetford, England

John Webb, on October 26, 1797, at Mildenhall

On ___ (second quarter) 1854, at ___, Mildenhall




Daniel Shingles and Mary Shingles née Saysom


John Webb, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Henry Webb, Sarah Webb, Frances Webb, Mary Webb, James Webb, William Webb



Gravestone of Maria Webb, née Shingles. Volunteers, anyone?


Maria Shingles was able to sign her name. 

At the time of her marriage, she was already pregnant.  Being under age, she needed parental consent, which was given, and the licence was lodged with the Archdeaconry of Sudbury.



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