Arthur George Webb




On July 6, 1893, at Southeyville (near Queenstown), Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa

Frances Emma Baillie, on ___, c. 1926 at ___

On March 14, 1963, at the Frere Hospital, East London (residence at the time: Alice, Eastern Cape)




James Webb, Lydia Ann Webb née Aldum

Lydia Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Joseph Webb, Reuben Webb, Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, Thomas Benjamin Webb, Florence Mabel Webb, Emma Winifred Webb

John Arthur Webb, Beryl Maureen Webb, Dorothy Winifred Webb


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As of 1915 Arthur George Webb was living in Benoni, East Rand. (Source: A photograph of him at the Ohrdruf hospital in Germany, (a military publication dated December 16, 1916) record him as being from East Rand; two comments in his diary refer to "the people in Benoni".)

He served in the South African Defence Force in the then South West Africa Campaign of 1915. He was Private No. 367, B Company, 3rd Regiment, South African Infantry. He was awarded the "1914-15 Star" for "services rendered in the South West African Campaign", as No. I/6669 Rfn. A.G. Webb, W.W.R. (form A.G. (4) 6/17138/4095).

Then he served with the SADF in Delville Wood. He was shot through the head, a bullet entering below his right cheek-bone and leaving in the left of the nape of the neck. As a result, during the march to Germany, as a POW, he contracted serious lockjaw, and could not eat. A peasant woman gave him two eggs which he was able to suck, saving his life. He received medical attention at the Ohdruf hospital in August/September 1916, and was thence moved to Langensalza POW Camp, where he stayed until a few days before December 20, 1918 when he returned to stay briefly with a relative in Mildenhall, Suffolk, England.

While serving in the war, he had the authorities send his allowance directly to his mother. (See letter of Sept. 7, 1916 to his mother.)

There is a hint that his brothers Jack and Joe were also in the army (see letter of Sept. 7, 1916 to his mother).

Arthur George Webb went to Pretoria in 1923. He worked there as a policeman for most of his life.

He was a member of the Pretoria Central Baptist Church from 1923 and served as a deacon for almost 40 years. He was appointed an Elder and life deacon of the church in 1956.

He and Frances moved to Alice, Eastern Cape, in about early 1962. Closely associated with the Alice Baptist Church.


 Arthur George Webb's gravestone.

The grave is believed to be in Alice, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Photograph sought.

 Scan to be done

 Arthur George Webb's war diary.

Runs from August 14, 1915 to February 17, 1916, when it was discontinued. The book is half empty. It is in the possession of his daughter, Beryl Maureen Moll.




(1) Approximate year of marriage, year of move to Pretoria, religious activity: obituary by "G.R." in Vol. 10, No. 3 (May-June) 1963 of The Central Link, the magazine of the Central Baptist Church, Pretoria. Peter G. Moll has a copy.

(2) Move to Alice: An obituary, "The late Mr. Arthur George Webb", typewritten manuscript, 2 pages, signed "R.H.W.S.". Peter G. Moll has a copy.

(3) Place of birth: record of mining employment. It says "Southerville" which does not exist. We assume this is Southeyville, a tiny town near Lady Frere / Queenstown in the Transkei, Eastern Cape, South Africa. Probably his father was at a mission station there.

(4) Date of birth: Newspaper article about his estate, Daily Dispatch, August 2, 1863.



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