Joseph Benjamin Webb (the Rev. J.B. Webb)




November 6, 1902, Robinson Road, Queenstown.


April 5, 1972, Johannesburg








Ordinary place of residence as at death: "Seafield", Orange Rocks Road, St Michaels-on-Sea.

He left an estate valued at R134,021.38. He left a bequest to the Methodist Church of South Africa, Durban.



(1) Date of birth, place of birth, date of death, place of death, ordinary place of residence as of 1972, daughter's name, daughter's husband's name, value of estate, names of grandchildren: his death notice (NAB MSCE 1602/1972 WEBB, JOSEPH BENJAMIN. BORN IN ROBINSON ROAD, QUEENSTOWN. PR/SP CORA 1972 1973).

(2) His wife's death notice: NAB MSCE 3236/1969 WEBB, CORA IRENE. (BORN CHEGWYN). BORN IN CAPE TOWN, CAPE PROVINCE. 1969 1970.

(3) Sources for further investigation:

(a) VAB Pamflet Biblioteek 968.5 WEB JB Webb: Bloemfontein Methodist Centenary. Souvenir 1821 1950 Uitgawe: Bloemfontein.

(b) MS14656-MS14667 Rhodes University. 1951 1973. (DEPOT: Cory Library for Historical Research. TYPE: Manuscript. REFERENCE MS14656-MS14667. DESCRIPTION: Rhodes University. 1951-1973. Donor: The Registrar, Rhodes University. 12 items. TS. Speeches made by the Public Orators presenting candidates for honorary degrees of Rhodes University. Orators are: P Haworth, Michael Roberts, KD White, WD Maxwell, HJ Chapman, JA Gledhill, CW Cook. Recipients are: Philip Morris, ... etc., JB Webb.)

(c) AB978 Cottesloe Consultation 1960 1961. (DEPOT: Wits University Library. REFERENCE AB978 Cottesloe Consultation 1960-1961. REMARKS 2 boxes. SUMMARY: Records relating to the Consultation among South African member churches of the World Council of Churches, held in Johannesburg 7-14 December 1960. Preparatory papers, etc. Correspondents include JB Webb.)

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