William Webb




? 1821 according to one source, c. Feb. 1818 according to another, at 46 Sandy Hill, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England

Elizabeth Fincham, on June 30, 1841, at ___

July 8, 1895, at his residence, Summerhill Park, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa




John Webb, Maria Webb née Shingles

 John Webb, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Henry Webb, Sarah Webb, Frances Webb, Mary Webb, James Webb

George Webb, James Webb, Martha Ann Webb, Elizabeth Webb, William Webb, Maria Webb, John Webb, Susannah Webb, Kezia Webb, Isaac Webb and Naomi Webb.



Gravestone of William Webb, Bathurst, Eastern Cape, South Africa.


William Webb was a bricklayer (or a brickmaker?) by trade.  He could read and write.  He lived at Beck Row, a village outside Mildenhall.  In 1841 he is listed (where?) as living at home.

William Webb arrived in South Africa in June 1861 on board the Rajasthan. He was a farm laborer, while his wife Elizabeth was a "house servant", as was his second-eldest son James. William Webb was 42 years old at the time, his wife 41, his son James 16, The arrangement was to work for one Mr. Shepperson in Fort Beaufort. But the family moved to Albany on July 12, 1861.

At the time of the migration, the family consisted of William (42), Elizabeth (41, a house servant), James (16, a house servant), Martha Ann (14), Elizabeth (12), William (10), Suzannah (8), Kezia (6), Isaac (4) and Naomi (2).

By 1864, the family had moved to Cawoods Post at Bathurst, where they were joined by William's eldest son George.

William Webb was a farmer, according to his death notice.


Arthur George Webb (grandson of William Webb) visited one of his aunts in Mildenhall, Suffolk, upon his return from Langensalza Prisoner-of-War Camp in Germany in 1918. This aunt may have been Martha Ann, Elizabeth, Suzannah or Kezia. Beryl Moll (née Webb) retains some of the letters from Arthur about this visit.

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Death notice of William Webb

Reference: Archives MOOC 6/9/342, No. 1497/95; General Register 104/789.



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