Genealogy of the Moll family of the Eastern Cape, South Africa

This presents the genealogy of the Moll family of the Eastern Cape, South Africa, including German roots to 1689, English roots to 1750, Scottish roots to 1781, Swaziland roots to 1891, Nigerian roots to 1861, and other origins.

Surnames include Abrel, Aldum, Almond, Anderson, Andreka, Atkinson, Austin, Baillie, Baker, Bands, Bechlen, Beck, Berndt, Bessert, Birkholtz, Blake, Bolton, Botha, Brits, Brown, Brugmann, Buchmann, Burger, Burmeister, Carpenter, Carruthers, Chegwyn, Christie, Clark, Clarke, Clur, Cockroft, Cornell, Cowan, Coxon, Cram, Darlington, de Castro, de Wet, Durrheim, Dyson, Eales, Eksteen, Ellis, Esprey, Farmer, Farrell, Fenner, Fetting, Fincham, Finlayson, Flint, Fowler, Fraser, French, Fudge, Gadow, Gant, Gardner, Geyle, Gourwitz, Green, Gladstone, Gouws, Grantham, Gray, Grieve, Hafemann, Hale, Harvey, Heydtke/Heidtke, Heler, Hislop, Holmes, Hunter, Izatt, Jemison, Jones, Keightley, Kingon, Kinnell, Kirkcaldy, Kockott, Kojima, Laubscher, Leibach, Lentz, Lindemann, Lloyd, Long, Maasdorp, MacLaghlan, McMillan, Maree, Martin, Moll, Moodie, Morris, Mortlock, Myburgh, Nelson, Orsmond, Parkin, Paru�nikova, Payne, Peart, Penton, Pike, Pohlmann, Poultney, Pratt, Pretorius, Promnitz, Properjohn, Putnin, Raasch, Radcliffe, Rennie, Richardson, Ristow, Roberts, Robertson, Roebert, Rudeker, Rutherford, Schröder, Schultheiss, Schultz, Sch�tzler, Sheffield, Shingles, Schneider, Schwulst, Signius, Simon, Slade, Solomon, Stanham, Stayne, Steward, Stockwell, Stratford, Swemmer, Tait, Taylor, Temperley, Thomas, Ücker, van Schalkwyk, Vice, Wagenaar, Warren, Webb, Webber, Weber, Werner, White, Wilkinson, Winkelmann, Wong, Wood, and Zietlow.

The site contains hundreds of scans and photographs, as well as images of original documents certifying the authenticity of the dates and names. The site is growing all the time as new material comes in.

Do you have information on any of these persons? If so, contact me by email, reconstituting my address as follows. The first letter of my first name (p), then my surname (moll), then an important year (1980), followed by the "at" sign, then the first letter of my middle name (g), then the word for postage (mail), then a dot, and then the common ending (com). Thus my address has exactly 19 characters. (I have deliberately made this long-winded so as to prevent web spiders and advertisers from locating my particulars.) Please contact me if any of the dates or names are incorrect.

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