Joseph Aldum




March 11 (or 1, by another source) 1822, at Grahamstown

To Lin__ Se__ (illegible), on ? at ?

June 28, 1916, at ?




Aaron Aldum Jr., Edith Ida Blake

Jane Aldum, Aaron James Aldum, William Donald Aldum, Ruth Aldum, Samuel Aldum, Sarah Rebecca Aldum, James Aldum, Lydia Aldum, Lydia Ann Aldum






(1) Date of birth, date of death, parents, siblings: FamilySearch Ancestral File v4.19, reference (AFN:T69Q-J0).

(2) Date and place of birth, date of death, partial name of wife: Family Group Records Collection (microfiche), held at Stoneybrook Family History Center (FHC), Maryland. Copied by Peter G. Moll, 11/29/2000. In turn from Reuben Aldum's family records. Note that these records are almost illegible. The originals could probably be obtained from the Mowbray, Cape Town FHC.

(3) Date of birth (as March 11, 1822), name of spouse: "The Families of the Salem Settlers", in A.E. Makin's notes, Vol. 1, from Cory Library, obtained through Mr. William Jervois

(4) In December 2005 I requested the death notice: KAB MOOC 6/9/824 1313 ALDUM, JOSEPH. DEATH NOTICE. 1916 1916



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