Andrew Welcome Spencer Baillie




February 21, 1895, on a wagon while fleeing from Bethany Mission Station to the Hebron ("Welcome") mission station, Swaziland.


Died in Allendale, Hexham, Northumberland. Not buried there. He may have been buried elsewhere (say in Sunderland where he grew up) or have been cremated.




John Baillie, Annie E. Grieve

John Henry Baillie, Kathleen Mary Baillie, Frances Emma Baillie, Robert Grieve Baillie


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Andrew Welcome Baillie trained for the Methodist clergy and spent most of his life in Britain. He occasionally visited South Africa, including one trip in 1965 when he went to Lady Frere to visit his niece Beryl Moll and her family.

Andrew Baillie's first wife died and he remarried.

It is not known whether his first name "Andrew" was taken from a relative or a friend. The middle name "Welcome" is (a) the first name of W. Spencer Walton, the founder of the South Africa General Mission, and (b) the name of the house that was built for the missionaries at Hebron Mission Station, which may in turn have been named after W. Spencer Walton.

Andrew Baillie was a keen poet. He wrote several contributions in the family guest book, extracts of which may be seen in the page of his mother, Annie Elizabeth Baillie.



(1) Date of birth: Jim Kallam, note to Peter G. Moll; and death certificate (see below).

(2) Place of birth: South African Pioneer magazine (April 1895). (Official organ of the South Africa General Mission.)

(3) Date of death: Certified copy of the entry pursuant to the Births and Deaths Registration Act. Kindly provided by Katherine Pringle, genealogist, Tyne & Wear.





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