Elizabeth Baker, later Warren, later Aldum




c. 1807, probably in the Cam parish, near Dursley in Gloucestershire. 1806, to judge by the Old Grahamstown Cemetery headstone which reports she was 71 at death in 1877.

(1) To James Warren (son of Thomas Warren), on or shortly before March 31, 1834, at ___

(2) Aaron Aldum, at the Wesleyan Chapel, Grahamstown, on March 18, 1843

On March 12, 1877, in Grahamstown, South Africa. Buried in the Old Grahamstown Cemetery.




Thomas Baker, Esther Baker née ?

Hannah Baker, Thomas Baker, Sarah Baker, Ann Baker

James Aldum, Lydia Ann Aldum



Elizabeth Baker came to South Africa from England as a child, a member of Bradshaw's party. Most of the members of the party were sponsored by the Cam parish, near Dursley, Gloucestershire, in order to relieve the parish purse of poor people with large families. The party set sail on the Kennersley Castle, a regular transport ship, on January 10, 1820, and arrived in Algoa Bay on April 29, 1820. Elizabeth Baker's father, Thomas Baker, a weaver, was then 38, her mother Esther 25, her sister Hannah 12, her brother Thomas 11, her sister Sarah 10 and her sister Ann 8.

Elizabeth Baker married James Warren, son of Thomas Warren, on or shortly before March 31, 1834. James Warren was a trader, and is recorded in December 1834 as trading at Maqomo’s near the Keiskamma River. James Warren was killed in the sixth Kaffir War in December 1834. Elizabeth and a child of James Warren (whether this was her child is not clear from the sparse records) went to stay with her father-in-law, Thomas Warren, who was living at the Trollip’s house in Bethany.

Elizabeth remarried on March 18, 1843, to Aaron Aldum, a widower. (See the marriage certificate in the page for Aaron Aldum.) Rev. Thomley Smith officiated. Jenkins and Sarah Lewis were witnesses. Elizabeth and Aaron had two children, James and Lydia Ann.



(1) Year of birth (as 1806), date of death, place of burial: the Aldum headstone in Old Grahamstown Cemetery, as cited in an email in RootsWeb.com by Becky Horne to Ellen Stanton, July 26, 2003. Note that the stone was still legible in the 1980s but as of 1996 was no longer.

(2) Day of 1st marriage: Extract from A.E. Makin's notes, Vol. 32, p. 184. Obtained through Mr. William Jervois, Resident Genealogist, Albany Museum, Grahamstown.

(3) Day of 2nd marriage: Marriage Register of the Wesleyan Chapel, kept at Cory Library, obtained through Mr. William Jervois.

(4) Immigration details, parents' names and ages, siblings' names and ages: D. Nash, The Settler Handbook, p. 49, about Bradshaw's Party. A copy was kindly supplied by Mr. William Jervois, Resident Genealogist, Albany Museum, Grahamstown.

(5) Month and year of death of James Warren: H.E. Hockley, The British Settlers of 1820. Page 249 and page 121. Quoted by A.E. Makin, in his notes, Vol. 32, p. 184. In turn obtained through Mr. William Jervois, Resident Genealogist, Albany Museum, Grahamstown.

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