Maria Ottilie Berndt, later Raasch




On April 22, 1855 at ___

To August Carl Raasch, at ___ on ___

On May 5, 1927, in Frankfurt. On May 5, 1922, according to Larin & Oscar.




Johannes Friedrich Berndt and Dorothe Sophia Hu [sic]


Hulda Maria Emilie Raasch, Helena Hulda Emilie Raasch, Rosa Hulda Raasch, Lydia Martha Raasch, Ella Paulina Raasch, Carl Wilhelm Raasch

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August and Maria Raasch

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August and Maria Raasch

The photograph was kindly provided by Gillian Slade of Kitchener, Canada. It was displayed in the house of Wilhelm Moll in Kei Road.


Death record of Maria Ottiki Berndt, née Raasch

Maria Ottiki Raasch survived her husband, who died in 1910.


Gravestone of Maria Ottiki Berndt, née Raasch

In the Frankfort Baptist cemetery.



(1) Death certificate of August Carl Raasch. Transcription in possession of Peter G. Moll.

(2) Date of birth, date of death (as May 5, 1927), place of burial, married name: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992.

(3) Place of death, date of death (as May 5, 1922): from the death record, according to Larin & Oscar van Riemsdijk, email, Jan. 2, 2004.

(4) In December 2005 I requested the death record: KAB MOOC 6/9/3142 14877 RAASCH, MARIA OTILLE. NEE BERNDT. ESTATE PAPERS. 1927.

(5) Further materials of possible interest: KAB MOOC 13/1/6208 1100 RAASCH, MARIA OTTILIE. LIQUIDATION AND DISTRIBUTION ACCOUNTS. FIRST 1928.

(6) Parents' names: from Oscar and Larin.


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