Marie Burmeister (later Raasch)




March ? (or February 26), 1861. But: Feb. 26, 1860 according to Larin & Oscar van Riemensdijk.

Franz Otto Raasch, at the Bethel Chapel, Frankfurt, on March 19, 1879

November 11, 1917, at her house, Frankfort




Johann Gottlieb Burmeister, baptized September 8, 1861, born Feb. 11, 1824, New Damerow; died May 13, 1905. Mother: Dorothea Luise Bartel, b. Feb. 11, 1824, New Damerow, christened Jan. 26, 1881, Frankfort, died Jan. 23, 1891, Frankfort, in turn daughter of August and Dorothea Bartel.


Louise Raasch, Auguste Raasch, Anna Raasch, Hermann August Raasch, Wilhelmine Raasch, Eduard Raasch, Friedrich Raasch, Julius Raasch (20 yrs), Pauline Raasch (18 yrs)


Left in the will of Marie Raasch (née Burmeister): Lots 27 and 28 in Frankfort, valued at 150 and 210, of 20 and 28 acres respectively. Other property including farm equipment: 108.5.0.


Death notice of Marie Raasch née Burmeister

Presently we have only a transcription made by Peter G. Moll in 1991.


Gravestone of Marie Raasch née Burmeister

At the Frankfort Baptist cemetery.



(1) Month of birth (as March 1860), date of death, husband's name, children's names, father's name: From the death notice of Marie Burmeister (later Raasch), of which we have a transcription made by Peter G. Moll in 1991.

(2) Note that Franz Otto Raasch signed his wife's death notice upon her death in 1917.

(3) Date of birth (as Feb. 26, 1860), date of death, place of burial: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992.

(4) Father's full name (as Johann ...), his date of baptism and death: information from the Presbyterian church in KWT, via Larin and Oscar van Riemsdijk.

(5) Date of death of father Johann Gottlieb Burmeister: his death record, communicated by Larin & Oscar.

(6) Date and place of marriage: the marriage certificate, communicated by Larin & Oscar, email, Jan. 2, 2004.

(7) Mother's name & dates of birth and death, grandparents' names: from Larin and Oscar.

(8) I have the death record of Marie Burmeister's mother, Dorothea Luise Burmeister née Bartel. Sent to me by Trevor Rutters, Feb. 26, 2005.


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