Elizabeth Fincham, later Webb




c. 1820, at Beck Row, Mildenhall, Suffolk, England. 1821, according to another source.

William Webb, June 30, 1841, at ___

August 7, 1886, at the residence of George Clarke, Port Alfred, Eastern Cape, South Africa




John Fincham, Elizabeth Fincham

Charles Fincham (who married Carmen Rutterford), Christopher Fincham (who married Elizabeth ?), Rebecca Fincham (who married Jabez Payne), Robert Fincham

George Webb, James Webb, Martha Ann, Elizabeth Webb, William Webb, Maria Webb, John Webb, Susannah Webb, Kezia Webb, Isaac Webb and Naomi Webb.



Gravestone of Elizabeth Webb née Fincham. Volunteers, anyone?


The Finchams lived at 48 Sandy Hill.  Elizabeth was born around 1820.

The order of Elizabeth Webb’s children, as mentioned in her death notice: George, James, William, Ann, Elizabeth, Susanna, Kezia, Isaac, Maria, Naomi, John.

There is some doubt about the identity of Elizabeth Fincham’s mother – see the discussion in the family tree of Lynn G. Anderson, page “docu0010”.

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Death notice of Elizabeth Webb née Fincham



(1) Marriage date, children's names: from Lynn Anderson, personal communication.

(2) Parents, year of birth (as 1820), place of birth, date of death, place and town of death: death notice. A copy of the notice was obtained from William Jervois, Resident Genealogist, Albany Museam, Grahamstown,

(3) Mother's maiden name, alternative birth date of 1821, siblings’ names, date of marriage, children's dates of birth: typed-up family tree from Lynn G. Anderson, received January 2001, page “docu0010”.

(4) I have a whole lot more information on Elizabeth Fincham's origins, from Mike and Tricia Nichols, . I have not yet added it to the website.


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