Anna Maria Luise Moll




Aug. 16, 1859


Feb. 10, 1936




Franciscus Xaverius Moll, Dorothea Luise Moll nee Heydtke, formerly Ristow

Ernestine Wilhelmine Lentz nee Moll, Franz Xaver Moll

Minnie Kretschmer, Friedrich Schultz, Carl Friedrich Ludwich Schultz, Edward Schultz, Johanna Emilie Auguste Hofert, Wilhelm Schultz, Amelia Klette, Franz Schultz, Augusta Schultz, Alma Schultz, Alfred Schultz Christian (Friedrich Wilhelm?) Schultz






(1) In December 2005 I ordered the death record: KAB MOOC 6/9/4725 49209 SCHULTZ, ANNA MARIA LOUISA. NEE MOLL. ESTATE PAPERS. 1936. I think it was missing at the time. It may be worth ordering again.

(2) Not mentioned in the list by W. Jervois, 1993, for Lorraine Burger.

(3) Birth date, death date: from handwritten notes by Lorraine Burger. The source for these is unknown. Both confirmed by the gravestone which I obtained from eGGSA.

(4) Children's names: from GENI, maintained by John Sparkman; I am unaware of his sources.

(5) Name of child Christian Schultz: from the gravestone of Anna Maria Luise Schultz, nee Moll. GENI (maintained by John Sparkman) has the name Christian Wilhelm Friedrich Schultz; these two may be the same person.

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