Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll




On ___ 1861, at Wiesbaden

To Wilhelm Friedrich Lentz, on April 28, 1881, at ___, Braunschweig

March 24, 1883, at King William's Town




Franciscus Xaverius Moll, Dorothea Luisa Moll (formerly Ristow), née Heydtke

Anna Maria Louisa Moll, Franz Xaver Moll

Luise Lentz (later Tessendorf)


Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll was the second child of Franciscus Xaverius Moll and Dorothea Luise Moll nee Heydtke. This much is clear from her death notice. She is not mentioned in the death notices of her mother or father, probably because she long predeceased them.

We speculate, also, that she may have died in childbirth, although no children's graves were found.


 Marriage notice of Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll and Wilhelm Friedrich Lentz, 1881

Note that Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll signed her name. At the time of marriage, Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll was 20 and Wilhelm Friedrich Lentz was 23.

Source: King William's Town museum, in turn obtained by Ms. Walma Meier in 1997.


Death notice of Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll


Gravestone of Ernestine Wilhelmine Moll

In King William's Town (record 3J 47).



(1) Name of husband, place of marriage, age at marriage (as 20), date of death, location of gravestone: handwritten notes by Lorraine Burger, from information from Ms. Walma Meier of Kingwilliamstown. Information in turn from church records held by the King William's Town museum.

(2) Her name does not appear in NAAIRS, either as LENZ or as LENTZ.

(3) Place of birth, day of decease, and place of death (as KWT): death notice, a scan of which was obtained from the GENI website entry.

(4) Name of child (Luise): death notice.

(5) Married name of child (Luise Tessendorf): GENI entry for Ernestine Wilhelmine Lentz.



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