Lydia ("Lyd") Violet Moll, later Pohlmann




Oct. 2, 1916, at her parents' house in Kentani

Hermann ("Harry") Pohlmann, on October 3, 1941 at the Idutywa Baptist Church, Rev. Hugo Peinke officiating





Eduard Moll, Rosa Hulda Raasch

Joseph Moll, Theodor Arthur Moll

Lorna Rita Pohlmann, Mavis Pohlmann, Iris Pohlmann, Martin Pohlmann

Lydia and Edna Moll in 1939

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Lydia Moll and Edna Moll in about 1939. Lydia is seated on the right. The image is indistinct because the original is only 1" in height.

Harry and Lyd Pohlmann and family 1951

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Harry, Lyd and their three children, 1951. (From the left: Mavis, Lorna, Iris). Taken in Middledrift, 5th August, 1951.



(1) Marriage: From T.A. Moll, 1997. My Memoirs. Gaithersburg, MD: Signature Book Printing. Page 58.

(2) As of 2005 there was no death record or citation in NAAIRS.




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