Luise Rudeker, later Raasch




Dec. 3, 1825, at Maigow near Perietz, Prussia. But: March 3, 1825, at Wobbermin, Pommern, according to Larin & Oscar van Riemensdijk.

To Wilhelm August Raasch, at ___ on ___

March 5, 1901, at Frankfort




Unknown; death record says "RUDEKER"


Franz Otto Raasch, Carl Raasch


Gravestone of Louise Raasch née Rudeker. Volunteers, anyone?

The grave is in the Frankfort Baptist cemetery.

She was baptized on August 18, 1861.



(1) (Exact) dates of birth (as Dec. 3, 1825) and death: Lorraine Burger's observation at the Frankfort cemetery, March 1991.

(2) Date of death, month of birth (as December 1825), and place of birth: Death notice (transcription made by Peter G. Moll, in about 1991).

(3) Date of birth (as March 3, 1825), date of death, place of burial: Printout of gravestone data for the Eastern Cape by William Jervois for Mrs. L. Burger, March 4, 1992

(4) Date of birth (as March 3, 1825): baptism notice, via Larin & Oscar.

(5) Date of baptism: via Larin and Oscar van Riemensdikj, email, Jan. 2, 2004.


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