Emma Winifred Webb




October 12, 1886, at Grahamstown


September 16, 1972, at Village of Happiness (Private Bag 729), Margate, Natal




James Webb, Lydia Ann Webb née Aldum

Lydia Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Joseph Webb, Reuben Webb, Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, Thomas Benjamin Webb, Florence Mabel Webb, Arthur George Webb



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Emma Winifred Webb

Emma Winifred Webb worked as a nurse in Durban.  She did not marry.

Emma Webb's identity number was 906-513187 W.

Emma Webb left her estate, valued at 404 pounds 31 cents, to Olive Radcliffe, her neice.  Olive Radcliffe was then staying at 11 Hull Street, Kimberley.  She also had another neice, Mavis Auriel de Castro, of 5 Lynton Court, Manning Road, Durban.

Her will, of April 28, 1959, determined that her body would be left undisturbed for three days, “and then cremated”.

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Emma Winifred Webb's Death Notice.

The death certificate was signed on September 20, 1972, by Emma's niece's husband, a Mr. Radcliffe. Emma's niece was Olive Radcliffe, daughter of ___.


Emma Winifred Webb's gravestone

No gravestone – her will indicated that she was to be cremated.



(1) Identity number, date of birth, date of death: death certificate. Kindly furnished by Mr. Grant Nurden, ACTAGEN Genealogical Research Services, P.O. Box 3207, Pietermaritzburg, 3200 South Africa,. Nurden@futurenet.co.za.



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