Henry Webb




On ___, 1805 (baptized June 3, 1805), at ___

To Ann Mortlock, on July 19, 1828, at ___.

(bis) To Hannah ?, on ___, 1850 at ___





John Webb, Maria Webb née Shingles

John Webb, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Sarah Webb, Frances Webb, Mary Webb, James Webb, William Webb

By Ann Mortlock: David Webb, Henry Webb, Ezekiel Webb, Sara Ann Webb, Elijah Webb, Esther Webb, Maria Webb, John Webb.

By Hannah: Rebecca Webb, Eliza Webb, Hannah Webb, Ann Webb, Rebecca Webb (note: one of these Rebeccas is in error), Maria Shingles Webb, David Webb, Henry Webb.



Gravestone of Henry Webb. Volunteers, anyone?


Henry Webb

Two of Henry Webb’s children migrated to Warwick, Queensland, Australia.  His sons David and Ezekiel migrated to Tasmania.   His daughter Sarah Ann was baptized at the Wesleyan chapel in Mildenhall.

In 1841 Henry Webb, an agricultural laborer, was recorded as living in Wild Street with his wife, Ann, and six children.

After Ann’s death, Henry remarried to Hannah ?, 19 years his junior, in 1850.

In 1851, Henry Webb was recorded as living in Aspall Lane, Mildenhall.  In 1861 he returned to Wild Street.  In 1881 he was recorded as being 76 years of age, a former agricultural laborer, living at 83 Wilde Street with his wife aged 56 and son Henry, a bootmaker aged 25.

Concerning daughter Rebecca, born 1842: In 1881 she was recorded as a 39 year old dressmaker living at Market Place with Emma Warren, a 21 year old assistant born at Eriswell.



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