James Webb




On ___, 1814 (baptized Nov. 6, 1814), at ___

To Ann Cornell, at ___ on ___

On Nov. 12, 1850, at ___




John Webb, Maria Webb née Shingles

John Webb, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Henry Webb, Sarah Webb, Frances Webb, Mary Webb, William Webb

Susan Webb, Mary Ann Webb, John Webb, Elizabeth Webb, James Webb, Sarah Webb.



Gravestone of James Webb. Volunteers, anyone?


James Webb lived in Beck Row.

James Webb’s son John Webb was a renowned local Methodist preacher.  In 1861 John Webb was listed as both preacher and butcher.

James Webb’s wife Ann died on April 11, 1885.



(1) Date of baptism, wife’s name, date of death, date of wife’s death, residence in Beck Row, parents, siblings, children’s names: typed-up family tree of Lynn G. Anderson, received January 2001, pages “docu0009” and  “docu0010”.

(2) Names of children: Lynn G. Anderson’s typed-up family tree, long version, received early 2001.


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