James Webb




On March ?, 1844 at Mildenhall, Suffolk, England

Lydia Ann Aldum, at the Commemoration Methodist Church in Grahamstown, May 20, 1870

August 30, 1929 at the Addington Hospital, Durban




William Webb, Elizabeth Webb née Fincham

George Webb, Martha Ann, Elizabeth Webb, William Webb, Maria Webb, John Webb, Susannah Webb, Kezia Webb, Isaac Webb and Naomi Webb.

Lydia Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Joseph Webb, Reuben Webb, Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, Thomas Benjamin Webb, Florence Mabel Webb, Emma Winifred Webb, Arthur George Webb


James Webb

Born in England, James Webb came to South Africa in June 1861 at the age of 16 with his parents and siblings, on the ship Rajasthan. He is recorded at the time of emigration as being a "house servant".

James Webb became a missionary for the Wesleyan church. He worked in Southeyville, Transkei, where his son Arthur George was born. Soon after the latter birth there was a rupture and his wife Lydia moved to Johannesburg with her younger children. With the help of Gavin Martin, her daughter Lydia's husband, she set up a tearoom which kept the wolf from the door. Later Gavin Martin effected a reconciliation between Lydia and James and the couple lived together again. James Webb died at the Addington Hospital in Durban, on August 30, 1929, at the age of 85 years and 5 months, shortly after the death of Lydia. He was to be buried at the Stamford Hill Cemetery in Durban. Cause of death: Enlarged prostate - chronic urgenia, concurrent ischia rectal abscess.

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James Webb and Lydia Ann Aldum, at their marriage, May 20, 1870.

At the Wesleyan Chapel at Grahamstown. This is the oldest photograph in this Internet site.

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Register of the marriage of James Webb and Lydia Ann Aldum, May 20, 1870.

At the Wesleyan Chapel at Grahamstown, by Rev. W. Sargeant, Wesleyan minister. Both signed their names indicating literacy. Witnesses: Milliam Woodland and Sarah Jane Bowler. Source: marriage # 614, Cory MS 900/1.

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James Webb and Lydia Ann Aldum, at golden wedding, May 20, 1920.

Notice the inscription at the bottom: "My Love and I". Clearly this was after the reconciliation which had been effected by his son-in-law Mr. Gavin Martin.

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James Webb's death notice


 James Webb's gravestone.

Photograph awaited from Mr. Grant Nurden, Genealogist, Pietermaritzburg.



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