John Webb




On ___, 1777, at ___, Snailwell

To Maria Shingles, on October 26, 1797, at ___, Mildenhall, Suffolk

On ___, 1858, at ___, in Mildenhall, Suffolk




John Webb, Suzannah Webb née Dyson

Julian Webb, Henry Webb

John Webb, Susan Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Henry Webb, Sarah Webb, Frances Webb, Mary Webb, James Webb, William Webb



Gravestone of John Webb. Volunteers, anyone?


Snailwell is a couple of miles north of Newmarket and about 10 kilometers south-south-west of Mildenhall, Suffolk.

John moved to Mildenhall before he was 19 and lived there for the rest of his life.

John was an illiterate agricultural laborer living at 46 Sandy Hill, near Mildenhall.

As both he and Maria Shingles were under age at the time of their marriage, they needed parental consent.  The Mildenhall register reads: “John Webb, single of this parish to Maria Shingles single of this parish married in this church by licence on 26 October 1797.  Nathan Orman curate.  The mark of John Webb, Signed Maria Shingles.  Witness Wm. Hemsby, Thomas Eagle, Thomas Rust.”

In 1841 John, a 60 year old agricultural laborer, was listed as living at Veasey Field, Mildenhall with his wife and son William, aged 20, a bricklayer, and the only child still living at home.

By 1851 John was no longer working – 74 years old – a pauper on parish relief living at Holmsey Green Rd., Mildenhall with his wife.  His widowed daughter and grandchildren lived next door and a few doors away was another daughter, Mary Payne.

John was a Wesleyan Methodist.



(1) Date of birth, date of death, siblings, children: personal communication from Lynn G. Anderson.
(2) Date of marriage, location of Snailwell, move to Mildenhall, data at the time of the censuses of 1841 and 1851: typed-up family tree of Lynn G. Anderson, received January 2001, page “docu0011”.


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