Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, 1879-1979




June 11, 1879 (according to Jen Beck)

___, on ___ at ___. (bis) Frances Emma Webb née Baillie, at Bonaero Park Baptist Church, Kempton Park, on July 26, 1969

April 3, 1979, at Germiston. Buried: South Park Cemetery, Row A, grave no. 4.




James Webb, Lydia Ann Webb née Aldum

Lydia Webb, Elizabeth Webb, Joseph Webb, Reuben Webb, Thomas Benjamin Webb, Florence Mabel Webb, Emma Winifred Webb, Arthur George Webb

Raymond Jonathan Webb, Ira Warner Webb, Julia Ethelwyn Webb, Hubert ("Barty") Oswald Webb, Walter Henry James Webb, Mary Webb, William Stanley Webb, Daphne Lorraine Webb


Jonathan ("Jack") Webb

According to Jennifer Beck née Moll, Jonathan Webb was born on 11 June 1879.

Jonathan Webb married Ethelwyn ___ in ___. His house in Sunwich Port was called "Etheljohn Lodge". His eldest daughter had the middle name Ethelwyn.

Jennifer Beck née Moll, and Douglas Moll, attended his funeral, just before Easter ___, April 1979. The funeral probably occurred in Germiston., at a graveside service, then to Ray’s house afterwards. He was buried next to his first wife Ethelwyn. He died just two months short of his 100th birthday. At the time of Jack’s death, he was staying with his daughter Julia. He died of prostate cancer. He was rushed to hospital. Dorothy Steele née Webb mentioned that she visited him there, and he was in great pain.

Jonathan ("Jack") Webb, on the occasion of his marriage to Frances Emma Webb, at __, Kempton Park, on July 26, 1969.



(1) Full names of offspring: joint will with Frances Emma Baillie (later Webb), dated August 17, 1970.

(2) Date of death: his gravestone. Information from Beryl Moll, email, December 5, 2005

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