Reginald George Sheffield Webb




On July 9, 1876, at ___

To Ethel A. Hale on ___ 1922, at ___

On ___ 1942, at ___ in New South Wales




George Webb, Harriet Webb née Sheffield

Nellie Louisa Webb, Arthur Sheffield Webb, Emma Martha Webb, Reginald George Sheffield Webb, Kate May Webb, Bertha Jane Webb, Frederick Henry Sheffield Webb, Rupert Sheffield Webb, Harold Sheffield Webb, John Sheffield Webb, Edgar Sheffield Webb, George Harold Sheffield Webb




Reginald George Sheffield Webb moved to Australia where he died.

Note that the records I have indicate his marriage as “1922/10316” and his death as in “1942/6168”.  I do not know the meaning of the numbers after the slash.


Gravestone of Reginald George Sheffield Webb. Volunteers, anyone?




(1) Date of birth, parents, siblings, date of death, wife’s name, emigration: Lynn G. Anderson’s typed-up family tree, long version, received early 2001.


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